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  • Investment Titans – Investment Insights from the Minds That Move Wall Street by Jonathan Burton. Published in 2001 featuring nine influential investors of our time, including Joself Lakonishok, Paul Samuelson, Harry Markowitz, Jeremy Siegel, John Bogle, Richard Thaler, Gary Brinson, Peter Berstein and William Sharpe.
  • Inefficient Markets: An Introduction to Behavioral Finance by Andrei Shleifer. Published in 2000 from the Clarendon Lectures in Economics.
  • The Incredible January Effect: The Stock Market’s Unsolved Mystery by Robert Haugen and Josef Lakonishok. Published in 1987, The Incredible January Effect digs into one of the mysteries of the stock market– that for decades, certain kinds of securities have been producing unaccountably high returns during the first month of the year.
  • Articles

    • Beyond Theory: Face to Face with Josef Lakonishok: Interview with LSV CEO and CIO. (Pensions & Investments, November 28, 2005)
    • Class Act: Profile of the LSV Value Equity Fund in Barron’s Mutual Funds Section. (September 1, 2003)
    • Analyze This: Josef Lakonishok, Chief Investment Officer at LSV Asset Management says stock prices are driven by gut-wrenching emotion that smart investors can exploit. (Forbes, November 11, 2002)
    • Turnabout: Josef Lakonishok Sees Exciting Times for Neglected Companies. (Individual Investor, June 2000)
    • Mispricing & Unrealistic Expectations: (Dow Jones, March/April 1999)
    • Glamour Rising: (Bloomberg Personal Finance Magazine, June 1998)
    • Ivory-tower Investing: (Institutional Investor, March 1998)
    • Psyching the Market: Professors’ theory beats index. (Crain’s Chicago Business, August 18, 1997)
    • Into the Real world: (Forbes Magazine, June 16, 1997)
    • Mind Bender: (Barron’s, May 12, 1997)